Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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Ningdong Base Starts the Second Batch of Projects in 2018

  Ningdong Base has been deep studying and implementing Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully carrying out the guiding principle of the 19th National Congress of CPC and the 12th Ningxia Congress of CPC, and actively answering the great call of “Socialism Is Achieved through Hard Work” all the time. On the morning of August 31, to establish a pilot zone for high-quality development, to create a demonstrate area for reform and opening up, to develop a gathering place for technological innovation and talents, and to build a world-class and national-level modern coal & chemical base with advanced construction technology, Ningdong Administration Committee held the mobilization meeting on the Starting of the Second Batch of 21 Projects in 2018 -- the 3,000-ton PPTA (Poly-p-phenylene Terephthamide) Project in Tayho Company. Xian Hui, the Vice Secretary General of the Ningxia Party Committee of CPC and Governor of the Ningxia People’s Government, attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Zhang Chaochao, the Secretary General of Ningdong Party Working Committee and Director General of Ningdong Administration Committee, delivered a speech.

  Ningdong Base is the main platform for Ningxia’s industrial transformation and upgrading and its stage for high-quality development, shouldering great task of recreating a miracle on Ningxia’s economy. In recent years, upholding the 12111 Development Strategy, the Committee has focused on projects-introducing, projects-constructing and projects-serving, and has built a large number of high-tech leading projects with good market prospects as per the decision made by Ningxia Party Committee of CPC and the Ningxia People’s Government to obtain the initiative in high-quality development, to be Ningxia’s first park with over 100 billion yuan output value, and to rank among the top 10 in China’s all chemical parks. 

  With a total investment of 16 billion yuan, the second batch of 21 projects include 13 fine chemical projects, 3 new materials projects, 4 comprehensive resource utilization projects, and one manufacture-oriented service industry project. The investment of every mu is 5.5 million yuan, with an average output value of 7.26 million yuan per mu. After completing all these projects, the annual sales income will increase by 21 billion yuan, which will bring fresh energy to Ningdong Base’s high-quality development.

  For further, adhering to developing through its core and key technology, the output value per mu, and safety and environmental protection, and thoroughly implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, targeted investment, industrial chain filling and extension and environment optimizing, Ningdong Base will make efforts to specify projects responsibilities, strengthen projects services and speed up projects construction and efficiency for realizing high-level construction and high-quality development. To make great contribution to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, they will continue to pursue the goal – achieving the harmony between people and economic prosperity, national unity, and beautiful environment.

  The participated members included Fang Quanzhong, the Secretary-General of the Government, Wang Xiaocheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Government, chiefs from government departments and financial institutions, leadership of the Administration Committee, all cadres of member units, officials from  Ningdong Town, accredited agencies, Ningdong water supply, power supply, telecom and railway station section and charges from the project enterprises.

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China