Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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The State Council Investigates Ningdong’s Work on Restructuring & Upgrading and Innovation-driven

  On September 1, the State Council’s inspection team conducted an investigation on Ningdong’s restructuring & upgrading and innovation-driven work through visiting the enterprises, investigating on site, and asking development situation.

  At Ningdong Demonstration Center, the team learned in details about the development history, achievements, overall planning, park-constructing situation, and technological innovation in Ningdong Base. So far, Ningdong has become the only park in the northwest among China’s top ten chemical parks with the total output value of more than 100 billion yuan. With highly implementing the decisions made by the CPC Central Committee and the Ningxia People’s Government and following the 12111 Development Strategy, Ningdong has formed a model of its development in innovation-driven, intensive and efficiency, and transformation, and has won the initiative to promote high-quality development.

  In enterprises, they learned in details about the situation of production and operation, the process of projects construction, and the appliance of technology, involving in the 4-million-ton Coal-to-Oil Project in Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group, the Environmental Differentiation Spandex Project in Tayho New Material Company, the 600,000-ton Coke-to-Olefins Gasification Project in Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group, the High-end Wire & Cable Project in Baosheng (Ningxia) Wire and Cable Science and Technology Company, the High-end 1.5-billion-Ah Lithium-ion Driving Battery Project in Longpowers Technology (Ningxia) Company, and the “Smart Ningdong” Project. They pointed out that Ningdong should roll up sleeves and work hard in the adjustment of industrial structure and the extension of industrial chain to develop superior industries, to upgrade traditional industries, and to speed up the development of emerging industries, based on Ningxia’s unique advantages and highly-developed science and technology. Then, Ningdong should work toward the requirements for high-quality development, and continuously promote the development of industrial clusters to be refined, high-end, clustering, and intelligent. What’s more, it is necessary to further create a good business and innovation environment and take the initiative to solve enterprises’ problems for their rapid development. Enterprises also need to develop their confidence in development, continuously increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, firmly defend the bottom line of ecological and environmental protection and the red lines of safety production to further reduce product costs, improve product quality, and achieve economic and social benefits. (Reporter Zhou Yiqing)

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China