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Ningxia Longpowers Science & Technology Company Enters the MIIT’s List on Battery-Producing Enterprise

  Recently, the 36-Ah lithium-ion driving battery produced by Ningxia Longpowers Science and Technology Company has successfully passed the compulsory inspection by the National Automobile Quality Supervision & Inspection Center, becoming the Ningdong Base’s first enterprise to be listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information (MIIT)’s List on Battery-Producing Enterprise for its matching batteries of new energy automobiles.

  Established in March, 2016, Longpowers Company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development, production and sales of power lithium batteries, energy storage lithium batteries and battery modules. So far, 3-GWh fully-automatic liquid electrolyte polymer lithium-ion driving battery production line has been made with investment of 4 billion yuan in total, and the annual output value has exceeded more than 6 billion yuan after reaching target output. Now its products are widely used in new energy electric automobiles such as passenger cars, buses, trucks, logistics vehicles. In the field of energy storage, these batteries have been tested in Dongfeng vans and other vehicle models.

  For its development, Ningdong Base took further steps to practice the basic guidelines proposed by Made in China 2025 of “innovation-driven, quality priority, green development, structure optimizing and talent oriented”, to resolutely implement the work plan formulated by the Ningxia’s Action on Made in China 2025, and to carry out the strategic goal proposed by Secretary General Shi Taifeng to build Ningdong Base to be a gathering place for brands, a demonstration area for reform and opening up, a new highland for scientific and technological innovation and talents, and a pilot area for high-quality development. What’s more, they devoted all to developing Longpowers’ science and technology for building a first-class lithium-ion driving battery project in the domestic, to supporting enterprises for increasing investment and expanding scale, to establishing a public technology service center for testing Lithium-ion driving battery and key materials, and to supporting establishing a research center for studying new energy high-performance lithium-ion driving battery technology. By now, the company has become the first provincial technology research and development center in driving battery industry. Its lithium-ion battery has successfully entered the MIIT’s List on Battery-Producing Enterprise, marking Ningdong Base has taken a solid step in implementing the Ningxia’s Action on Made in China 2025 and creating a “Made in Ningxia” on high-end brand.

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China