Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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Ningdong Planning, Construction and Land Bureau Conduct Risk Identification on Construction Sites

  During the Spring Festival, it has always been a critical period for safe production. In order to effectively strengthen  work safety of construction sites, we must pay close attention to the implementation of various safety precautions, effectively prevent and resolutely contain all kinds of accidents, and ensure that people have a happy, peaceful festival. From January 29th to 30th, Ningdong Planning,Construction and Land Bureau organized and carried out the investigation and administration of safety hazards on construction sites before the Spring Festival.

  It has entered the stage of winter shutdown for construction business. They focused on inspection the implementation of the heating, cooking safety precautions, construction site closure, fire safety and dust pollution prevention and control of the site left-behind personnel.After identification, they sound risks in 1 furnace, 4 small sun-heats, 5 electric blankets, and some problems such as improper closure in construction sites and the irregular use of electricity in the living area. The  Bureau has issued rectification notices to six construction units and educated referring personnel on illegal use of heating equipment. They patiently explained the winter guardian safety precautions to improve their safety awareness.

  The Bureau will continue to carry out in-depth investigations on the safety precautions for construction sites during the winter shutdown period, and further implement the tracking and rectification of problem to ensure stable  and safety of construction projects during the Spring Festival of Ningdong Base.



Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China