Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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Professional Integrated Base Operation Service
Through driving the concept of an integrated base, Ningdong will provide excellent service to investors:

a)Integrated infrastructure
Land: Ningdong's land is flat and vast, nor does it use farmland, nor was there any relocation required; the cost of development is low, and so is price as well. The industrial base's facilities and infrastructure are complete, already laying down connections for water, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, heating, natural gas, and roads.
Electricity supply: 4 330KV substations, 6 110KV substations have been built, making multiloop power supply conditions with reliable and uninterrupted supply.
Water supply: The first phase of water supply construction is already complete, with supply ability reaching 40m3/day; after the second phase of engineering ends, water supply ability will reach 80m3/day, ensuring sufficient water both for industrial activity and daily life.
Gas supply: The Changqing-Yinchuan natural gas pipeline has an outlet at the Ningdong base which will meet all requirements of the base.
Transportation: In the base there are developed roads and railroad networks. Each of the parks is connected to the Qinghai-Yinchuan highway, the Beijing-Tibet highway, as well as national highways 211, 307, and 203, all creating a developed transportation network. The density of the road network has already reached 45.6km per 100km2. Within the region there is already 375km of railroad, creating a "two vertical and two horizontal" rail network", with each industrial park having dedicated rail links along the Tai-Zhong-Yin line, the Jing-Bao line, the Longhai Line, serving the country, creating a smooth transportation and highly efficient rail transport channel.
Waste management: the base will use unified waste management and recycling for companies' solid, liquid, and gaseous waste. The base's industrial solid waste usage will reach 80%, with scientific disposal reaching 100%; the base will set up strict air pollutant emission standards, dust desulfurization and denitrification facilities and operation could reach treatment of 100%of emissions; at the same time, the base will implement the Ningdong Environmental Action Plan, and by 2014 invest 5.8bn RMB to build 73 projects with 324 monitoring points for 24-hour comprehensive dynamic monitoring.

b)Integrated Specialized Chemical Engineering Logistics Service
The Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base will have 10 large parks with planned logistics parks inside the base. The base will introduce leading logistics operators and construct an integrated logistics internet platform, creating smooth and dedicated logistics service for the park's resident chemical engineering companies; at the same time the base will provide integrated storage, packaging and vehicle maintenance service, meeting all of the park's logistical needs.

c)Integrated R&D Platform and Industrial Recruitment and Training
The Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base will build an integrated R&D center, providing a support and service platform for resident companies.
At the same time, the base will target resident companies and provide integrated recruitment, training and shared labor projects, comprehensively serving the resident companies' talent and skill needs.

d)Integrated Comprehensive Support Services
The Ningdong Energy and Chemical Park plans to build the 40km2 Ningdong New City project in 2015 in a core base location. The New City provides local residents and employees with integrated support infrastructure, including culture, education, healthcare, sanitation, entertainment, social services, logistics, finance, offices, residences and other basic services.

e)Base Operations
The party working committee and administration committee of Ningdone base are agencies of the party committee and government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The standing vice president and members of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region serves as the head of the party working committee and administration committee of Ningdong base. The administration committee established an Administrative Service Center, providing "one-stop-service" for investment projects; large projects will be "greenlit" and enjoy "Babysitter-style" service.
In the future, the base will introduce professional base operators, providing the best possible service using best practices and experience from leading operators, providing full service for resident companies, creating a good chemical engineering investment environment.

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China