Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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Scope of Planning
Ningdong Energy & Chemical Base is situated in the middle east of Ningxia and southeast of Yinchuan City with a planning area of 3484 square kilometers. It ranges from the deep boundary of Yuanyang Lake, Majiatan and Mengcheng Mine Area in the east to the eastern boundary of Baijitan in the west and from the provincial boundary between Ningxia and Gansu in the south of Weizhou Mine Area and Mengcheng Mine Area in the south to the provincial boundary between Ningxia and Inner Mongolia in the north. It is 16-41 kilometers wide from the east to the west and 127kilometers from the south to the north, covering 4 counties (districts) of Lingwu City, Yanchi County, Tongxin County and Hongsibao Development Zone. The core area of Ningdong is within Lingwu City with a planning area of 885 square kilometers and an approved area of 766 square kilometers, accounting for 22% of the total planning area.
Guiding Ideology
We adhere to the guiding ideology of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents “and is guided by Scientific Development Outlook. We concentrate on deep and efficient development of resources with the precondition of protecting environment and ecology. We are driven by scientific advancement and pursue a New Industrialization Road to vigorously develop circular economy, to coordinate a harmonious development between population, economy as well as resources and environment and to optimize industrial layout within the Base. We are dedicated to achieve the goal of “developing Ningdong Energy & Chemical Base sound and fast and realizing transformation from resource advantage to economic advantage” proposed by Secretary General Hu. 
Fundamental Principles
(I) Adhere to people-oriented principle. To realize the goal of all-round development and to pursue and promote development from the perspective of fundamental interests of the masses, we will follow a common prosperity road and we will achieve the fundamental goal of development for people, by people and development fruits shared by people. 
(II) Adhere to overall planning and all-round consideration. The development of Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base shall comply with the overall planning of national energy development strategy and shall be in scientific planning and rational distribution. Make an overall planning for coordinated development of resource, economy, population and environment to create a space development situation in which industries gather in Ningdong, the population gathers to the cities along the Yellow River, the land realizes agricultural industrialization and the urban and rural areas are in coordinated development. 
(III) Adhere to technological innovation. Speed up establishment of a technological innovation system in which enterprises play the leading role, which is market-oriented and which combines the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes. Guide and support innovative elements to gather in enterprises so that transformation of scientific and technological achievements to practical productivity can be boosted. Improve and complete legal assurance, policy system, incentive mechanism and market environment to encourage technological innovation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. 
(IV) Adhere to resource saving and environmental protection. Take carrying capacity of resource and environment into full consideration to realize limited development, sequential development as well as intensive and efficient utilization. Realize protection in development and promote sustainable development through protection on condition that natural ecology is protected. Develop vigorously circular economy and reduce negative impact of industrial development and urban development on ecological environment to the maximum.
(V) Adhere to market-oriented principle. Following market demands make an all-round planning of resource development and project construction. Make the market play the fundamental role in allocating resources and reinforce policy guidance and market supervision.
Overall Goal
(I) Construct a national first-class energy & chemical base. By 2020, the productive capacity of coal will reach 0.13 billion tons, which makes it become a national major large-scale coal base. The installed capacity of thermal power will reach 16 million KW with 6 million KW delivered to be transmitted outside, which makes it become a national major coal power base and a major transmitting end of the north channel for west-east power transmission. The productive capacity of coal chemical products will exceed 20 million tons, which makes it become a national major coal chemical base.
(II) Construct a national demonstration zone of circular economy and comprehensive and efficient utilization of resources. Coal consumption for power generation will be limited to 300g/kWh and unit industrial added value will equal the advanced level in this industry. The ore recovery will be above 85%, the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste and of mine water will be above 95% and 100% respectively, and utilization of industrial waste water will be above 95%.
(III) Construct a key development zone to push great-leap-forward development of Ningxia and to realize the goal of well-off society.
1. Economic development goal: the planned overall investment scale for fixed assets of industrial projects will reach RMB 300 billion; achieve industrial added value of RMB 67 billion; promote related industries in the zone to realize an added value of RMB 54 billion; realize local fiscal revenue of RMB 15 billion. Create a four-industry base of coal, power, coal chemicals and new materials; construct a efficient water-saving irrigation area of 10000 mu; and formulate 5 characteristic agricultural produce base of Tan-sheep, long and red jujube, grape, silkworm and Chinese herbal medicine.
2. Harmonious social goals: the people’s living standard will be improved steadily and disposable income of urban and rural residents and income per rural resident can reach RMB 30,000 and RMB 10,000 respectively. The industrial workers of Ningdong Energy & Chemical Base will reach 28,000 people, which will create 0.75 million newly increased jobs for the cities along the Yellow River with professional training scale of 0.1 million people/year. It will recruit 0.5 million people immigrated from the southern mountainous area and central drought belt to settle down, which will make urbanization rate of this region reach 60%. It will push impoverished people out of poverty and gradually realize equality of basic public services in this Autonomous Region.
3. Self-innovation goal: The enterprise investment for research and development will account for 3-4% of product sales revenue and a national technical center for coal chemical project will be established.
4. Ecological construction and environmental protection goal: the treatment rate of the mining subsidence areas in Ningdong Energy & Chemical Base will reach above 90% and forestry and grass coverage rate will reach above 40%. The “three wastes” of enterprises will be discharged after meeting standards and the air quality index will conform to standards of Class II and Class III zones. The total discharge of main pollutants including SO2 and COD will be limited within the national indicators. Make advantages of development of Ningdong to improve ecology of the whole Region. Cultivate an enclosure of 15 million mu in the central drought belt to enhance the forestry rate of the whole Region to reach 23%. Create an afforestation of 3 million mu in the “Daliupan” ecological circle and improve soil and treat alkali for 0.5 million mu in the Yellow River irrigation area.


Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China