Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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Adhere to clean and efficient utilization of coal resources, prioritize four major industries, namely, coal industry, electric power industry, modern coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, and build a high-end industrial cluster. Construct a number of large-sized modern mines and large capacity and high parameter ultra-supercritical indirect air-cooling pithead power plants, speed up the construction of modern coal chemical projects such as coal-to-liquids, coal to olefin and coal-based natural gas, boost integrated development of petrochemical and modern coal chemical sectors. With olefin and ethylene glycol in modern coal chemical sector as priority and triphenyl and PX in petrochemical sector as support, prioritize engineering plastics, special rubber, synthetic fiber and fine chemical industry, so as to realize the goals of 146 million tons of coal capacity, 18 million kilowatts of thermal power installed capacity, 4 million kilowatts of new energy installed capacity, 12 million kilowatts of power transmission scale and above 20 million tons of modern coal chemical capacity.
Energy conservation and environmental protection based on high standard. Establish an integrated quantification control system for energy-saving & water conservation, pollution reduction and environmental quality, formulate a set of modern coal chemical energy efficiency standard, adopt industrial water quota scalar water pricing system, and rein in energy consumption per unit product. According to the principle of “polluter pays, high standard and professionalization”, implement “the three wastes” centralized treatment and operation management, recycle all industrial waste water, high saline water and mine water through pre-treatment of enterprise and centralized treatment in the park, with tail water being used in alga cultivation; scientifically classify industrial solid wastes for efficient treatment and utilization; upgrade all thermal power generating units in service to meet national special emission limit, and adopt principal pollutant discharge index of newly built thermal power generating unit which is stricter than national special emission limit.
Strike a balance among water resource, ecological environment capacity and supply & demand of coal resource. Vigorously develop cyclic economy, scalar utilization of resources, build a high-end industrial cluster and tightly implement energy conservation & emission reduction standard, thus balancing water resource, ecological environment capacity and supply & demand of coal resource.
Boost technical, management and commercial mode innovation. Integrate utilities, logistics, transport and product technology, adopt advanced international technology, build air separation, power, gasification and other utility islands and public logistics pipe gallery in the park, master leading proprietary intellectual property in run-off type electrostatic precipitation, photovoltaic thermal current and gasifier, acquire proprietary intellectual property in coal gasification, catalyst, coal-to-liquids technology and completed device, and build a modern coal chemical technology talent highland.

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China