Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China
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  The Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base is located in the mideast region of China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located 40km from Ningxia's capital city Yinchuan with a planned area of 3,484km2. The base, together with Inner Mongolia's Ordos and Shaanxi's Yulin form China's "Golden Triangle" of energy and chemicals inan area with plentiful natural resources and local coal and oil constituting ~50% of China's national reserves. In addition to coal and gas, the area has bountiful solar and wind resources; therefore, the area's local energy and petrochemical industrial development is blessed with an exceptional resource advantage.

 The Ningdong Energy and Chemical base is the highest-potential nucleus of China's energy and chemical "Golden Triangle", located 35km from the Yellow River with plentiful water resources, a good manufacturing and industrial base, conservation and efficient resource use, flexible policy framework, convenient location to the capital city, complete with advantages of integrated services and support.

  The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, with a total area of 66,400km2 and population of 6.47 million; in 2014, the GDP of Ningxia was 275.21 bn USD, growing 8.0% over last year. Per-capita GDP was 42,191 USD.Ningxia is a key development pole in China's central and western areas, with rich human resources and relatively low labor cost.

  Also,Ningxia is a key hub in the transport of natural gas from western China to the east; 3 key pipelines pass through Ningxia, substantially increasing the region's position in China's national energy development strategy.

  In 2012, the State Department approved Ningxia's construction of the "Inland Open Economy Pilot Zone" and the Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, becoming a true inland special economic zone, embracing early implementation and piloting special policies similar to those which established Shenzhen 30 years ago, becoming together with Chongqing an important economic zone. In 2013 Ningxia's capital city Yinchuan held 3 successive China-Arab States Economic Trade Forums, later becoming the China-Arab States Expo, rendering Ningxia's connection between eastern and western China even more outstanding, in the future, Ningxia will enjoy further national-level policy incentives and support.

Ningdong Energy and Chemical Industry Base,Ningxia,China